Thursday, March 7, 2013

Manfrotto MH057M0-RC4 Ball Head Unboxing and Overview (Video)

Here is a quick unboxing and overview of the Manfrotto MH057M0-RC4 Ball Head  In the video I first unbox it, give you a 360 view, and tell you about my first impressions of the ball head. Let me just say that this head is a lot bigger than I expected, but it looks so cool so I'm going to keep it. :) Like I said in the video, the ball is about the size of a tennis ball and it is made out of 100% magnesium so it is very heavy!

Specifications from Manfrotto Website:
Lateral Tilt: -103° / +40° head tilt
Material: magnesium
Panoramic Rotation: 360 °
Plate Type: 410PL
Quick Release: yes
Load Capacity: 33.07 lbs
Weight: 47.8 oz
Working Height: 5.75 in

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