Sunday, February 27, 2011


Photo from Geeky Gadgets.

So today, I was surfing the web searching for how to "DIY" a USB hub. Well I didn't find any plans, but I did find this penguin shaped USB hub. :P It is so cute!!! BTW, here is another picture of it.

Photo from Geeky Gadgets.

Sadly, I think this product has been discontinued. :\ Good idea though. I would have totally bought one! HAHA I think it's cute! ^_^ Well I found the article on Geeky Gadgets. Go check it out. I think it's pretty cool. Still wish they were selling it...

Anyways... Talking about USB hubs. I'm planning on buying a USB hub for myself. I'm very low on USB ports on my computer. I'm planning on getting the product you see below.

It is a 7 port USB hub by CyberPower. It has an external power adapter, so you can pretty plug anything into it and it will get enough power for it to run. The reviews look convincing. A few people say they experienced some problems, but the majority loved the product! :D I'm thinking about getting this one. Not only does it have a cool look, but I will finally have ports to plug my iPod into with out unplugging something. ROFL My self-powered USB hub isn't doing so well. I can transfer files in and out of my phone, but it will not charge while I'm doing it. Hopefully this will fix the issue...

Are you short USB ports too? Why not go get one for yourself? :) I'll be posting a review here, if I buy it. I most likely will. LOL Might be in a few weeks. I need time to use it and see how it goes. Youtube is still giving me a pain with it's uploader... Still can't upload my Yellowstone videos. >.< Man... They need to fix it. Seriously.

Monday, February 21, 2011

Great Product For Doubling Efficiency of Your Power Outlets

Do you have a power strip outlets (a board with that divides your power outlet into a lot of outlets) that is short of outlets? Maybe you plugged in a bunch of bulky power adapters (usually phone chargers) that is taking up room for more than once socket! Well not anymore!

The Ziotek ZT1212518 Power Strip Liberator Plus with Pass Through provides extension to your power outlets! With this, you can plug a bulky power adapter onto each power outlet (not just some of them)! Not only does it extend your power outlet, it will double your power outlets! The extension has 2 sockets! You can plug 2 devices into each one, doubling your power outlet efficiency!

I think this is a really innovative product! It is a really good idea. I really hate it when I run out of plugs on my power strip you know? I'm pretty sure I'm not the only one with this problem... Please go check Ziotek ZT1212518 Power Strip Liberator Plus with Pass Through out!

Just a friendly reminder. XD Please, please, please, don't overload your power strip outlets... It may cause a fire... Yeah... Just remember that and you'll be safe. Usually the power strip outlets will have some kind of fuse protection system. Just incase you do forget.

Tuesday, February 15, 2011


So today, I'm going to tell you about this online website (Swagbucks) where you can get FREE stuff just for searching the web. :) That's right! Just for searching the web... Sound interesting? Well let me tell you more... They are legit, and they do give you the prize alright? Trust me... I don't work for them, and there are plenty of reviews out there proving my point.

Search & WinSearch & Win

The website is called Swagbucks and they'll award you points (Swagbucks) toward your FREE stuff in a variety of ways. It is fairly easy to get the points (Swagbucks) and to get your FREE stuff. As I said at the beginning, if you use their search engine to search the web, you sometimes get points (For me it was around 3 times per day). You can also get points by playing games, voting on their daily poll, and by filling out surveys/offers. I know I said surveys and offers, but the difference between them and the other websites is that they do provide you with other ways of earning points, so the surveys and offers isn't really required. Like the banner above says, "Search, Earn, Redeem". It really is that simple. :)

I've been using this website for a while now. I'm really loving it.

Search & WinSearch & Win

They some times also have Swag Codes available and they work like coupon codes. :) You can redeem points (Swagbucks) before they expire.

The prizes include (and yes they are all FREE), Amazon Gift Cards, Wii Points Cards, Paypal Cash, Xbox Live Points, and a lot of other things. HAHA And Just for SEARCHING THE WEB!!! Isn't that nice? So go give Swagbucks a try now! You won't regret it. :)

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Angry Bird Plushies!!!

OMG! They sell Angry Bird plushies! :D I didn't know they had these until I was playing Angry Birds on my iPod Touch and I was like, hey let's go search for Angry Birds on Amazon just for the hell of it. :P

Then guess what I found? They sell Angry Bird plushies!!!!!!!! THEY ARE SOOOOOOOOOOO CUUUUUUUUTTTEEEEEE!! :D :D :D

TAKE A LOOK! I know they are a bit overpriced but, I was thinking about getting one for myself. :D They are so cute!!!! I love stuffed animals. ^_^ Yeah yeah yeah, I know I'm a bit too old for it, don't say anything about that please. -__- But please, take a look. :D

Yeah, I found some keychains and cases too. LOL I think this would be a great present for any Angry Birds lover. :D

Monday, February 7, 2011

Pocket-sized 3D Digital Camera!

The Fujifilm FinePix Real 3D W3 Digital Camera is a digital camera that takes pictures and shoots video in 2D and 3D! The lens it uses are 10 mega pixels and the video it records is in 720p 3D! The LCD (3.5 inch) on it uses the Lenticular Lens System which allows you to watch your videos and see your pictures in full 3D without the need for 3D glasses! The two lenses are eye length apart, so the 3D will look realistic. The camera can be connected to any TV with a high speed HDMI cable and the pictures and the videos can be viewed in 3D as long as the TV support 3D. The pictures and videos are recorded to SD cards.

I did read some of the reviews on there say the 2D mode isn't that good. The photos taken in 2D mode isn't as sharp as camera phones. The camera was made for shooting in 3D. The reviews on the 3D aspects were really good and the photos is clear. I also read that the battery on this model is a bit weak, so a second backup battery is suggested so you don't run out of batteries to use when taking pictures or shooting videos.

Why not go check it out? Do you need better video resolution? Well here is another product to that solution, but this solution won't be pocket-sized.

The Panasonic HDC-SDT750K is a 3D HD camcorder that records 3D videos in full 1080p! There is an 18x optical zoom on the camcorder which is great for far way stuff. Pictures can be taken at 14.2 mega pixels. The videos and pictures are recorded to SD cards. The microphone on the camcorder is capable is recording audio in 5.1 channel surround sound.

You know, I love 3D videos and pictures. When watching a 3D video, it makes me feel like I'm like there! When I watch a 3D video, well I feel like I'm watching a video. So I would recommend that you get one of these 3D cameras/camcorders. Everyone is moving to 3D. Why don't you?

Also check out these great deals on camera equipment!

Friday, February 4, 2011

Apple Patents the iStylus

Picture from Patently Apple.

The picture you see above is a drawing of the Apple iStylus. The new patent is a patent of a product that hasn't yet been released to the market for people to buy and use. The stylus will consist of a shaft, a replaceable tip, and disk pivot, and a conductive disk as seen in the image below. 

Picture from Patently Apple.

The stylus is said to have built in accelerometer sensors, angle sensors, and pressure sensors to insure more accuracy and allow to screen to acquire more data about its surroundings. The stylus is said to bring a better experience for artists who likes to draw on electronic devices and for users to have more human interaction with a game or application on the device. The iPad screen can not detect pressure. With the pressure sensor, when artists "paint" on their device, it may allow them to have darker and lighter strokes in their artwork instead of a "static" stroke. 

The device will communicate with the stylus via Bluetooth, Wifi, or a wired connection.  It is also theorized that Apple may also add buttons onto the pen to make it easier to switch between different options. Let's take the artists example again. The buttons may allow the artists to switch quickly between brushes and colors without the need to tap on the correct icon on the screen. Another theory is that there will be some other tips that you can switch on the pen for different needs. 

Now for my opinions... I think it is evil and ridiculous that they are patenting this without actually releasing the product. A lot of people (like me) want to have a stylus, but now there will be limited people making a cool looking stylus due to this patent. Apple is really evil... :\ Let's just hope Apple releases this product soon. :) LOL 

This article is written by Sunny (me). :)

Here are some styluses on Amazon. Guess they'll have to pay Apple pretty soon. XD If Apple tries to sue them... Which is really likely. HAHA Now, I'm not saying this for no reason either... Remember how they reacted to the lost iPhone 4 and the Steve Jobs bobble-heads? ROFL

Here is my Vlog on this topic:

Play Catch To Make Ice Cream!

The Product can be found on Amazon here.

Love eating ice cream? Love playing catch or some other game involving a ball? Now you can with the Play and Freeze Ice Cream Maker. The device is a ball shaped ice cream maker. All you need to do is fill the container up with ice, rock salt, and ingredients (a list will be provided at the end of this post) and then play catch with it (after securing the cap)! You don't need electricity! This is great for making ice cream on camping trips and outdoor recreational activities. You don't really have to play catch. Just make sure the ball is in motion for 5-15 minutes and you'll have ice cream to eat! Here is the product on Amazon:

The Play and Freeze Ice Cream Maker comes in quart and pint sizes. It is available in blue, green, orange, pink, purple, red, sage green, and clear! Probably won't make a great medicine ball if that is what you are thinking, because you'd end up eating back the calories you just burned... LOL

Here are the ice cream mix (ingredients) suggestions:

If you need ice on the go? Here are some portable ice maker and cooler suggestions:

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Live Crab Vending Machine In China

Photo from Engadget.

The device pictured above is a live crab vending machine located in China. The machine contains real live Shanghai Hairy Crabs priced at 10-50 Chinese Yuans. The crabs are kept at a 5° Celsius, where it hibernates until it is sold. Once the crabs get exposed to room temperature, they immediately become active again. The owner has a sign up saying if the machine sells a dead crab, he'll replace it with three live crabs, which seems really fair to me.

JapanProbe dot com
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Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Fingerprint Security for Garage Doors!

Hate it when you forget your garage remote? Do you hate it when you or your kids forget the pin code for the garage door opener? Of course! Everyone hates it when they get locked out, but not anymore with the Masterlock Smart Touch Finger Activated Garage Door Opener (they should probably get a better name for it LOL) which is a universal fingerprint activated garage opener for your garage door! No more remembering pin codes! Just use your finger. Great for little kids and people who have a tough time remembering pin codes.

This model is probably one of the first universal garage door remotes that works with all brands of automatic garage door openers. The model also offers a temporary access feature which is great for giving neighbors and gardeners temporary access to your home! It is sold for $129.99 on

If you need to protect you need to protect private data on your computer with your fingerprint, there are products for it too! Log in to your computer using your fingerprint! Log in to websites with your fingerprint! Secure your computer with your fingerprint!
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