Friday, April 29, 2011

Deal on Amazon Kindle!

This offer ends on 23:59 PM 5/8/2011.

This offer is only valid for the 2 Kindles listed at the top of this post. During the promotion, you will get a free $25 Amazon Gift Card when you purchase one of the Kindles (restrictions may apply). So act fast and order now! Choose one from the top of this post. :)

The Amazon Kindle is the e-reader from Amazon. With the Kindle, you can have a whole library of books with you where ever you travel! Amazon offers free 3G internet connection (3G models only) which can be used to browse the internet with their new BETA browser feature, download new books in 60 seconds or less, and other great features. Amazon library of books includes 810,000 books, including 107 of 111 New York Times Best Sellers, and 1.8 million free out-of-copyright books!

How to Make a Homopolar Motor

I made a video on how to make a homopolar motor. Neodymium magnets are very strong. The magnet I was using can hold approximately 120 pounds, that's how strong it is! Please be very careful. 2 neodymium magnets can crush bones! Neodymium magnets can wipe credit cards, interfere with electronics, and even break electronics! Keep all electronic equipment and credit cards at least 3-5 feet away from the magnet! If you use a pacemaker, this project isn't for you.

The motor spins because of the Lorentz force. :) Physics is cool. :P

You can find the original video here. If you liked this video, you can see more videos I made here. I am "amazinggadgets". Make sure you subscribe!

Some of the materials you'll need to make one.

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Unboxing the Audio Technica ATR6550 Shotgun Microphone

Hi guys, I recently bought an Audio Technica ATR6550 Shotgun Microphone to make better videos with better audio quality. :) I also bought a Joby GP1 Flexible Tripod (so I can mount the microphone to my tripod) and a Mono-to-Stereo adapter (the microphone is mono and my camcorder is stereo). The video you see above is the unboxing video for my new microphone! Make sure to check back in a few weeks when I do a video review for it!

Here is what my microphone looks like mounted to the tripod. :)
Products mentioned in this post.

You can find the original video here. If you liked this video, you can see more videos I made here. I am "amazinggadgets". Make sure you subscribe!

Monday, April 18, 2011

Cute Robot USB Hub

Photo from Amazon.

So today this morning, I was checking out the Swagbucks Blog, I found this cute robot USB hub on Froobi. :) I did some searching on Amazon and found it on sale there. I'm not sure how good this thing will work but, it seems to be a powered USB hub, and it is cute looking. So I hope you check it out. LOL Would make a really good Christmas or birthday present.

This product isn't sold by Amazon itself, so I listed several sellers below just incase one of them decides to not sell this anymore.

Saturday, April 16, 2011

FREE "Bring Back Limewire" T-shirt

Do you want a FREE "Bring Back Limewire" T-shirt? If you do, there is a website for you. This might be a limited time offer so hurry when it's available! I think it is open to both United States and Canada residents. Might be open to some other countries too. Not sure.

You just need to submit your name, address, and the shirt size you wear. Click here to order now! If you have received the shirt, please make a comment below. :)

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Friday, April 1, 2011

Weird Pens

I usually browse Amazon on my free time looking for weird things that's on sale. I found these 2 weird pens that I want to show you in this post. :) You'd be surprised. Both of them can be used as a regular pen.

The first pen I want to show you is the Smith & Wesson SWPENMPBK Military and Police Tactical Pen. You can use this pen to write with and if you ever run out of ink, you can always refill it. The difference between this pen and other pens is that this pen can help save your life but disabling an attacker! :)

The Smith & Wesson SWPENMPBK Military and Police Tactical Pen is made from T6061 aircraft aluminum and has a kind of dull point on one end that allows you to hit the attacker and disable him/her. You have to hit them in the correct area (pressure point) though. It can be used as a Kubaton. The pen cap snaps on and off, and doesn't require you to twist it off. This pen is great for self defense purposes!

The second item I want to show you the the True Utility Telepen Telescopic Pen which is a mini extendable ball point pen. The pen when compact, is only 5cm (50mm) long and can easily fit on your keychain. When extended the pen will reach 11.5cm (115mm) so it is easy to handle and write with. The portable pen also comes along with 3 refills just incase it runs out of ink. The pen is crafted from stainless steel. 
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